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The BBC: “We are Terrorists But Hamas Are Not!”

LONDON - England - The BBC have finally admitted to their viewers: "We are terrorists, but Hamas are not".

The British taxpayer funded broadcasting corporation (BBC) has finally admitted that they are terrorists, but have still not been able to admit that terrorist group Hamas are terrorists.

Finally, out of the terror closet

“Well, it came as a bit of a relief, really. We finally admitted that we are terrorists at the BBC because we enable terrorism by not admitting that Hamas are actually terrorists. Oops, I mean they are freedom fighters,” the terrorist network’s spokesman revealed on Tuesday.

A terrorist is someone who creates terror physically or non-physically, and the beeb have inadvertently become terrorists themselves because they refuse to acknowledge that the atrocities and genocide committed against unarmed Israeli civilians by the terrorist group Hamas.

Meanwhile, in London, demonstrators have gathered outside Auntie’s head office to protest the corporation’s refusal to brand Hamas as “terrorists” in coverage of the Israel-Gaza war.

The Israeli-flag-waving crowd chanted “Shame on you!” and held signs declaring: “BBC, if the King can call Hamas terrorists, so can you”

By enabling Hamas and not acknowledging the group as “terrorists” the British Broadcasting Corporation are peddling propaganda for the terrorists, and are thus culpable as terrorists themselves.

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