London Taxi Cabs On Strike

LONDON - England - The cost of hay and horse feed has risen to unsustainable levels London's cabbies are saying.

“Have you seen the price of hay lately?” Reggie Carbunkle, a taxi driver taking me to Mornington Crescent, tells me disparagingly.

London cabbies are furious at the increase of the price of hay for the horses that pull their taxis, and want the government to do something about it.

“We stopped using petrol years ago because of the price, now it’s the hay they’ve got to. What are we going to bloody do now? My poor nag at home hasn’t eaten for a whole week, and my horse too, poor blighter,” Reggie said before clip clopping off into the distance.

These are the signs of the times. London taxi cabs are now getting ready to strike because the cost of hay is so high and the horses are all going hungry.