Sarah Palin Interview Could Clinch Election Say Campaigners

SOUTH CAROLINA - USA - A recent interview with the presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, could clinch the election in 2012 say her campaigners and supporters.

“Sarah is astounding. She came out with some real gems there at the interview on Friday. You should have seen the woman who was interveiwing her, she was just sitting there like someone went and punched her right in the face with a wet haddock,” Merv Hubbard, Palin’s chief campaign officer told Fox News.

The Southern News Network’s interviewer, Amy Schlitz, was said to be astounded at the intelligence level of Mrs Palin.

“She got me. I got hit right in between the eyes by her answers. I can tell she doesn’t take her tea cold at the Tea Party meetings. I mean some of the answers were so intelligent that I had to look in a dictionary afterwards.”

Sarah Palin has been upping her profile as of late and her campaign office has been working overtime in getting the Palin message out to ordinary Americans all over the country.

“She’s popular as hell across the whole of America. I have rarely seen Americans take to a candidate like they have taken to Sarah, she’s going to win in 2012 for sure, and if she doesn’t, I’ll eat my hat,” a proud John McCain said from his retirement home in Florida.

Sarah Palin left South Carolina yesterday and headed to North Dakota for another campaign busting tour. She is scheduled to tour the whole of North America and even fit in a visit to neighbouring Russia before the election in 2012.

  • Brett

    All of your comments are so stupid, it's laughable, people… "Who wouldn't want her as President?" you ask? Not me. She has never finished a job she started, and is a laughing-stock overseas. You people are just so easily brainwashed by her fake, campy attitude and videos to really see the vile human being within her. She does not care about you, or your rights. And if up to her, you dogs will be shot at from helicopters, and your cats will be suffocated with Carbon Monoxide (she passed a law as part-time governor that made it legal for people to suffocate Bear Cubs.)

    P.S. The word "Patriot" comes from the greek, "Patriote", meaning "fellow countryman". So before you go spouting off at the mouth as to who is or who is not a patriot, know the meaning of the word! Just because you don't like what Obama, or some other democratic-liberal says, they are still your fellow countrymen, you best respect their opinion! Your opinions on Sarah are not the only ones that matter, even if she leads you to believe so!

  • Cheri

    Sarah Palin all the way. There's no one else out there wurth voting for.

    Aint nobody gonna vote for Obongo in 2012.

  • katheryn Hamilton

    Sarah Palin has my vote. Maybe she can fix the mess we are in. She is a real true american.

  • Mary M.

    Sarah is a Patriot! Wouldn't you want someone like her in the White House? We will finally have a decent person there that will be able to communicate with everyone. She is pro-life, pro-America, she is for equality, she says what she means and means what she says. She is easy to understand, she is pro-family. She understands what it takes to be a mother, a woman, a wife and partner, an american, the mother of a child with down-syndrome. She knows what it takes to work to support her family along with Todd, she is a team player. One thing she is not is negative and a liar. We need to bring light into our politics, we need a true conversation with America. She can bring that to the table. We have been lied to long enough, it's time that we Americans band together to save this country and she can can be our glue.

  • Miles Landry

    Go Sarah 2012…already the campaigning has begun…she's going to be the first ever female US Prez…rest assured you have my support 110% and rest assured that I will be campaigning for you Sarah all the way…..

  • AG

    Fire the video sound technician !

  • Robbie

    What the hell?

    I'm gonna vote for her just because of this video its so awesome!!!

  • Tanya Webb

    OMFG What is she going on about? Surely she can't be that stupid huh?