Sarah Palin Interview Could Clinch Election Say Campaigners

SOUTH CAROLINA - USA - A recent interview with the presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, could clinch the election in 2012 say her campaigners and supporters.

“Sarah is astounding. She came out with some real gems there at the interview on Friday. You should have seen the woman who was interviewing her, she was just sitting there like someone went and punched her right in the face with a wet haddock,” Merv Hubbard, Palin’s chief campaign officer told Fox News.

The Southern News Network’s interviewer, Amy Schlitz, was said to be astounded at the intelligence level of Mrs Palin.

“She got me. I got hit right in between the eyes by her answers. I can tell she doesn’t take her tea cold at the Tea Party meetings. I mean some of the answers were so intelligent that I had to look in a dictionary afterwards.”

Sarah Palin has been upping her profile as of late and her campaign office has been working overtime in getting the Palin message out to ordinary Americans all over the country.


“She’s popular as hell across the whole of America. I have rarely seen Americans take to a candidate like they have taken to Sarah, she’s going to win in 2012 for sure, and if she doesn’t, I’ll eat my hat,” a proud John McCain said from his retirement home in Florida.

Sarah Palin left South Carolina yesterday and headed to North Dakota for another campaign busting tour. She is scheduled to tour the whole of North America and even fit in a visit to neighbouring Russia before the election in 2012.