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The Next World War Will Be Science vs Religion

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The coming robot, virtual reality, artificial intelligence deluge will be a challenging time for religious fundamentalists and moderates of all faiths and belief systems and could culminate in a world war.

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Your unmoveable religious belief programming from birth may be strong but is it stronger than a robot coming towards you with a weapon? The robot has no conscience, no soul and has been programmed to kill you, you are a religious fanatic. Even if you manage to break one robot, ten more come around the corner, then ten more. You look up into the sky and a swarm of insect drones each armed, swoops down on you. The ground is no sanctuary as millions of slithering snake like and spider robots tumble over your legs vying for a bite of your organic flesh.

You like religion so much, no problem, when you are captured, your captors put an implant into your brain, then put you in a controlled coma where time is slowed down. You will thus live your religious hell out for what seems to be an eternity in your own mind. You will be strapped down or maybe working in a salt mine, but your mind will experience everything as if it were real. You will be in your own religious ecstasy in your happy mind but living a hell in reality.

Scientists will soon be able to replicate your religious feelings, they will be able to emulate this all too powerful human biological emotion and utilise religion in a safe controlled manner — you will be as religious as you wish in a confined mind prison.

Just think of the power that could be harnessed in having banks of religious fanatics working hard in their overclocked brains?

If it makes you happy, this can be arranged for you, why not breathe in millions of airborne nano processors through your nostrils, and you will not have an inkling that they are now moving all over your body’s circulatory system and inside your brain. One minute you are in biological reality and next you are part of a programmed computer reality. You may not even realise what happened as your previous memories are erased forever.

Why not instill additional feelings of nationalism mixed in with religion? These two human concepts could be banned in the future, but for people who can’t let them go, they will be put in farms where they can live out these religious nationalistic concepts in stasis until their hearts eventually give away.

For global governmental peace, the scientific society could well be a dictatorship, and with this comes complete military dominance. The biological, the religious and the nationalist will know that it faces certain defeat if it challenges the might of these fearful scientific weapons of the global New World Order. To oppose such formidable scientific weaponry in a world war is thus redeemed as futile.

Racism, is another in built human emotion, well, that can be programmed and subverted to the needs of whichever scientific society is globally in charge. Any perceived negative human emotion can be utilised against the carrier whether it be radical religion, racism or nationalism to a previous capitulated nation state.

Scandinavian countries in the present time have already pretty much adopted cashless societies, and soon this will be the norm for the global human populace. The supply of digital cash, of course will be controlled heavily from one central global bank, where those at the top of the pyramid will have an unlimited supply, whereas those at the bottom will be fed very little, and if they transgress at any point, all it takes is a click and no supply.

There is an algorithm for everything and what about algorithms created by artificial intelligence? Self repairing entities in their own right, 3D printed solutions to their ideas, a limitless technological infinity, tweaking, improving and evolving.

One man’s evil is another man’s good. And so it is established that an Islamic fundamentalist views a scientific man as evil, for the things he does. Vice versa, a scientific man views an Islamic fundamentalist as not so much evil, but misguided. Both fight their own evil, and both do good in their own eyes. Let us not be ignorant to the fact that the West is aligned with science and religious fundamentalists including some moderates are not.

In the universal mind, the concepts of good and evil are irrelevant and even if they exist as moral societal concepts on earth, they have no relevance in the totality. In good there are elements of bad and in bad there are elements of good, multiplied and divided infinitely into eventual nothingness, just deep space, dark matter, energy.

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