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Why Satire is Important For Cultural Growth, Society and Humility

LONDON - England - Satire is a very important part of the Western concept of freedom and free speech and should never be thwarted.

Satirists and cartoonists should be praised all over the world for the sheer dedication to bringing forth questions and satire to our worldly problems.

The unflinching hard headed nature of satire is a big fuck you to hypocrisy and the disenfranchised totality of society.

People have died in the name of satire and they stuck to their staunch beliefs, pens still in their hands as the bullets rained down on them.

In 2013, the Daily Squib itself was punished severely by the Obama administration  when we wrote an article on Obamacare. Our SEO analysts analysed the data after the immediate date of publication and noticed a drastic 80% drop across the world in traffic. What’s more our site was nearly removed by Google. Thousands of links across the web were immediately erased only leaving a few remnants of our site. Our previously high traffic YouTube channel was blacklisted and has been put in the slow lane ever since. Whilst we do not blame Google who were only taking orders, the question must arise, that article must have hit some kind of nerve.

This is not free speech and the Daily Squib vows to continue writing satire even though we have barely recovered from the deluge of prohibition on our site.

Western civilisation should stand for freedom, not inhibition and underhand crippling techniques limiting free speech — only tyranny and terror are enemies of free speech.

Satirists everywhere must stick to their guns/pens whatever their struggle — to write what they write and depict whatever they depict.

Freedom in the so-called free West has sadly been thwarted, we are urging people to support satirists everywhere, they fight through the mass of prohibition for an essence of the truth unlike the controlled media, they are the other side, the unseen heroes who grasp for freedom with their pens.

If you value freedom, if you value the truth, hug a satirist today, support us, because if we don’t do something now, things will get a lot worse for society as a whole.

There is love in satire, because we see the bad and the good as it really is, it may mock but this world can only be cured by hard love, and that is what satire is, the hard truth, sent with love that some will not like, but the truth is our love to you. We love you and we put ourselves forward with opposite views, different configurations, lateral thoughts and streams of reality from behind the masks and curtains of satire.

The Daily Squib can see the future and is a warning to civilisation, humility, understanding, and the satirical free spirit of Juvenal.

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