Libya to Have Democracy Like Britain – No Referendums

TRIPOLI - Libya - British PM, David Cameron, has flown in to the Libyan capital city to inspect the oil fields in the country and tell the nation's new leaders that they must embrace democracy like Britain has.

“We want the Libyan people to embrace democracy like we have in Britain. Our ‘democracy’ involves denying people the vote on important issues like whether our country is sucked into the collectivist totalitarian state of the EU or simply trades with it but does not give up our laws and rights. As you can see, I personally have made sure that the British people are denied this all important vote, and this, my Libyan friends is the type of ‘democracy’ that should be exported to Libya. So ladies and gentlemen, you give us your oil and we’ll give you our ‘democracy’. How about that for a good swap?” Mr Cameron said just after exiting his plane at Tripoli’s airport.

The Prime Minister is on a five day trip with the French PM Nicolas Sarkozy to inspect the conquered oil fields, which will soon have Western oil companies crawling all over them.


The British PM then went on to say: “Let this be a warning to all other nations who deal with the West. We will be your friends when it suits us, and then when we want all of your stuff and not some little deals, we will attack you and kill you. You get into bed with us, and you basically sign your death warrant. Look what happened to Gaddafi, Mubarak and Saddam. They were supported fully by the West, even when some of them were killing their own people, and gassing them. We gave them the weapons and trained their armies. Of course, we gave them inferior weapons but we supported these people when we wanted to use them, once they outlived their usefulness we killed them, then took their oil. In effect, we are just as bad as the tyrants, although I would have to say we’re actually worse, because we pretend to be ‘good’. At least the tyrants were not masquerading under the pretence of goodness like we are.”

Oil reserves in Libya are the largest in Africa and the ninth largest in the world with 41.5 billion barrels.

Libya is considered a highly attractive oil area due to its low cost of oil production (as low as $1 per barrel at some fields), and proximity to European markets.

Here’s to democracy, referendums and oil discovery.

  • Trench

    May I suggest an Asylum exchange Uk anti Gadaffi supporters for pro Gadaffi they can just move straight into each others council houses

  • Burp

    Maybe they will start up a marvellous e-petition thing like here in the UK. Except if the govt don't agree with what has been signed on the e-petition, it doesn't count. Which kind of makes it a pointless window-dressing ploy. Not to mention a tad fascist. What's new?

  • another one bites the dust

    They should nuke the Middle East! It's the only way! We need to make Mecca into a crater of glass.


    Y'all know the West is the Best….we fuck all y'all sandnig muslim bitchezzz..!!!!! HAHAHAH!!!

  • MoruganMarauder

    Hi, I'm from Russia. Where's a Vkontakte button to share on? (or is a Russian-speaking social network. So, I can't share your news with my friends.

  • Burp

    Here's to alternative energy sources! What would the middle east do if we stopped buying their oil? Takes 2 to tango.