It's War!

BENGHAZI - Libya - As the Tomahawks rained down on Gaddafi, there was excitement and jubilation when the West's third war gained momentum.

“We got another war! I just had to change my pants again,” Roy Simmons, 34, a resident of Washington DC told CNN.

Earl Stubbins, a political commentator in Texas said: “This ain’t Shock and Awe but Operation Oddyssey Dawn. Oh god what a beautiful name for a campaign. Excuse me while I go to the toilet to jack off at the thrill of it.”

As the rolling news stories keep repeating the same clips and bringing out the experts dug up from some obscure institutions, get ready to bring out the popcorn and booze to watch your share of gratuitous war.

“This is our third war and I’m salivating so much, I might need a bucket soon,” Arnold Gunther, 45, some guy from Bristol told the BBC.

We’ve had the foreplay with the build up, Obama stuttering, the teasing, the UN council meetings and votes, now we’ve got the action and next we’ll have the money shot with Gaddafi’s head on a stick and pictures of oil platforms pumping that beautiful black gold into tankers moored off the coast, ready to set sail for the West.