Dumbed Down Science Programs Made My Brain into Mush

LONDON - England - After a recent spate of science programs commissioned by the BBC, many people are now complaining about how science is so dumbed down that even chavs understand it.

“Astronomical shows revealing the wonders of the universe are now prevalent on the BBC. In a concerted effort to bring science to the masses, the BBC is paying celebrity scientists vast sums of taxpayers money to travel to hundreds of locations around the world and speak with very simple lingo in a condescending faux empathetic manner about the universe whilst loud electronica music blares out over a dumbed down astro-comical c*m fest,” an old fuddy duddy from Scunthorpe, Jack Sparrow, 67, told BBC6 news.

There have been hundreds of complaints about the latest dumbing down exercise by the BBC.

Things Can Only Get Better

“I pay the BBC tax so that this jumped up charlatan can ponce around the world and have an extended poseur holiday as well as get paid for it? You must be joking,” retired colonel, John Mathers, from Gloucestershire, complained on last week’s Radio 4, Your Voice program.

And it’s not just the elderlies who are complaining, what about the legitimate scientists?

Professor Harold Jenkem from Oldham University said: “I’ve watched these supposed science programs from the BBC purportedly talking about the universe. All I saw was some prat prancing around posing at every opportunity with flashing lights all around him and loud electronic music blaring out. Couldn’t hear a f*cking word he said, but looking at a transcript, it’s all elementary stuff. Why not commission real science programs and not this utter guff?”

On a positive note, maybe it is a good thing that science is being promoted to the masses, although, unfortunately to do this, it must first be dumbed down to a standard that borders upon levels that are offensively cretinous.

Here are some excerpts from the show, so you can make up your minds yourselves:

“Observing the night skies with the naked eye can only take us so far on our journey and wonders of our universe.”

“Advances in technology have brought us crafts that can take humans on expeditions beyond our planet.”

“The universe is a vast place.”

“The moon is not as big as the earth but is smaller than the sun.”