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Dithering Obama Fiddles While Rome Burns

WASHINGTON DC - USA - When Americans voted for 'Change' even they did not think that they would be duped to the level that is now apparent with Barack Obama.

“People are dying in Libya and Japan while Obama is sitting on his ass dithering like a ninny. This guy couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag, this guy is so yella that I bet he leaves streaks on the floor when he walks. This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like Attila the f*ckin’ Hun!” a disgruntled White House official revealed on Wednesday.

Too little Too late

Let us face it, the Daily Squib knew from the beginning that Obama was a wet f*rt and was not going to amount to anything, but amongst the brainwashing sessions from the White House during the election campaign, people thought that the sun shone out of his arse at the beginning of his presidency.

“I just wish Americans would wake the f*ck up. I mean, we’ve been duped with this lame duck guy who needs his autocue and hundreds of spin doctors, and even then he can’t make a single f*cking decision. He’s about as decisive as a two headed donkey tethered to a pole. Not only that, he’s lazy as well. He just doesn’t want to know. He doesn’t know how the world works, or Washington or the country. Hillary has got way more balls than Obama, she should have been president,” a former democrat supporter told CBS news.

A discontented Washinton resident said on Tuesday: “One has to wonder what Obama has done since winning the election? It seems that his socialist agenda has been successful in one thing, and that’s pouring trillions of American taxpayer dollars into a black hole to be chewed up and never seen again. Someone give this guy some f*cking balls.”

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