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New ITV Reality Show "I'm in Libya Get Me Out of Here" Massive Ratings Hit

TRIPOLI - Libya - British TV channel ITV has finally hit pay dirt after creating a reality show that has brought in huge ratings increases for the failing channel.

For too long the ITV channel has been stagnating with no new shows of merit — that is until now.

“This new show has become a huge ratings hit with not only the British public but worldwide as well. It’s set in Libya and involves minor British celebrities being dropped in an area of Libya with little food, no compass and no weapons. If they can survive for three days while all hell is breaking loose around them, then they win the prize; which is an all-expenses-paid trip to Tunisia,” the shows creator, Al Hertyu, for Endemol productions, disclosed.

The first episode last night, got off to an excellent start when scumbag ex-politician, Lembik Opik was shot in the rear with an AK47 and the whole cast of Eastenders were whisked away by merceneries to an undisclosed jail where they will never be seen again.

ITV executives were rubbing their hands with delight as the ratings reached 42 million for the first episode alone.

“D-List celebrities are lining up to be included in the show. It’s the ultimate career boost for these people. They’ll do anything to be famous,” Mr Hertyu added.

So far, all 34 celebrities on the first show are unaccounted for and are presumed dead.

The next show will include Katie Price and Peter Andre as well as Alex Reid.

Who says the conflict in Libya is a bad thing?

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