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Galliano Fashion Show in Israeli Kibbutz Could Be Cancelled

HAIFA - Israel - There are fears that a much touted fashion show in a kibbutz could be cancelled after fashion designer John Galliano's sudden changes to the show.

“We had already arranged the show but were wondering why Galliano suddenly changed everything so that the models were dressed in Nazi gear resplendent with fabulous swastikas and SS uniforms,” Karl Gunther Schweinhund, one of the designer’s stage hands, told Israeli fashion magazine, Shalom Paris.

The fashion show is meant to commence in a few days but could be cancelled, Israeli officials at the kibbutz have said.

“We know this is fashion but since when has a model goose stepping around a stage wearing a Hitler moustache been in good taste? I’m all for couture but this is outrageous. It’s bad enough that the size zero models all look like concentration camp victims but when Galliano said that he wanted the models on the catwalk to throw raw pieces of bacon into the crowd, this is where we drew the line,” Chaim Bodenheimer, one of the organisers for the fashion show at the Ariel Sharon Kibbutz, 43 kms from Haifa, told Haaretz on Monday.

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  1. So I heard John Galliano in a bar saying Rape Jews…
    Turned out he actually wanted Grape Juice.
    My Bad.

  2. Thanks for the piece of information as now I can smell the fragrant of history same as I can enjoy the perfume of the famous nice Hugo Boss bottles

  3. Any how, I think it is the most nice and elegant military dress ever seen , could we presume that the Nazi people were more genius and artful than today's makers.?

  4. It's funny to remind the jews about the unpleasant Hitler's era but I think it would be useful for them to think about the same oppressed people under their control.

  5. I expect Dior is going to go the way of German cars for Jewish people who refuse to buy them and instead go for Volvos.

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