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The Strokes Have Pacemakers Fitted After Stroke Scare

NEW YORK - USA - Indie band The Strokes have all had pacemakers fitted after suffering strokes during a pre-gig practice session, their manager, Bunders Banque, told the NME.

“The Strokes are trying to get back after many years in the wilderness. They had been enjoying their royalties until all of a sudden it all dried up, so they’re back again to remind their fans that they still exist and to carry on buying their stuff so that they can carry on with their lifestyles,” Mr Banque revealed during an interview for NME.

The Strokes underwent crucial heart treatment after all four members suffered minor strokes when they were playing during a practice session in Manhattan.


“One minute they were playing and the next they were holding their heads and looking all lop sided. They went down like dominos, one after the other. At first I thought they got electrocuted. It’s safe to say that I then realised that The Strokes had all had strokes. It was something that really astounded me and strangely turned me on,” lead singer Julian’s girlfriend, Audrey Mumps, revealed.

As soon as The Strokes had their strokes, they were all rushed to New York’s premier hospital where they were treated immediately for their strokes.

“Don’t worry folks, The Strokes are going to carry on touring despite their strokes. Hey, they have to pay for their hospital bills somehow eh. No sign of that Obamacare any time soon huh. It’s enough to give you a stroke, innit,” their manager quipped.

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