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Egyptian Fashion Week Displays Some Trendy Hats

CAIRO - Egypt - It was a hat-worthy fashion week as Egyptian fashionistas were out in force in Tahrir Square to show off their weird and wacky couture.

“This hat season has certainly been interesting. We have seen some fabulous creations all handcrafted and displaying wonderful styles that may even make it to Paris and Milan,” Andre Artudo, fashion correspondent for Al Jazeera reported.

Many of the hat designers are all keen to show off their wares and have toiled long and hard to create the new look that is rocking the casbah.

“I made my hat out of some bread rolls and cellophane. It protects you from the sun somewhat and is reasonably functional, although this piece of rock I have wedged  deep in my cranium gives away the fact that it’s not so good at protecting from falling rocks,” Abdul Karim, 43, one of the hat designers displaying their creations at the show said before being stretchered away.

Another designer said: “My fashion studio is just a stones throw away from Tahrir square where we show off our lovely hats. This year we got our rocks off with our crazy hats, don’t you think?”

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