Labour: We Want Our System Back

MANCHESTER - England - The Labour party created the current socialist system in use in the United Kingdom and they are the rightful owners of the socialist governmental construct.


“We created the whole system of national health, BBC and welfare state under Sir William Beveridge and Clement Attlee. Therefore it does not matter which government is in power, the whole system is socialist, and we are the rightful owners of it. The Tories can think they are right wing, but they’re just presiding over our system,” Ed Balls, the shadow Chancellor told the BBC.

Being ousted from government, socialist Labour feels its system is being mismanaged by the socialist Tories, as do the millions of people on welfare schemes, therefore the First Past the Post electoral system will ensure the return of the Labour socialist system to its original architects.

“You can have an extreme right wing leader running the country, but he or she would still be atop a socialist system originally created by the post-war Labour government. Britain is socialist through and through, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it,” an unemployed man at a bus stop revealed on his way to the job centre.