ELECTION Update: “Here Bro You Can Have This Back”

LONDON - England - The resignation of Ed Miliband after Labour's trouncing in the 2015 election polls was naturally predicted by the Daily Squib, however there is a certain level of karma involved in the defeat as well.

This is certainly no time to gloat over the destruction meted out by the electorate on the dismal failure of an Ed Miliband led Labour party for the general election 2015, but on second thoughts why not?  The cards were already dealt a long time ago, and Ed’s misery is only compounded by his resignation today. It was just a case of relying on the Daily Squib’s Oracle, who we consult on occasion; and who predicted dead accurately the final election result a full ten days before the event.

Carved in Stone

Labour’s undoing was in its leadership, amidst comical props, naïve celebutards, and multiple kitchens. The hypocrisy was intoxicating, permeating across the atmosphere like a torrid boil on the end of a herpes infected todger.

Satire does reflect reality and vice versa, but this election exceeded all expectations, it was moderately entertaining watching the hoop jumping.

“I have something lodged in my back. Ouch, what is that?” Ed Miliband was overheard saying today. Well, Ed, look around, you may see your brother Dave lurking, he returned a little gift for you.