The Oracle Reveals General Election Victory Answer

LONDON - England - Through the incessant electioneering and spectacular displays by buccaneering politicians, the polling stations will be wild with excitement on the night, but the decision has already been cast for the 2015 General Election.


The oracles that reside in the ether and transmogrified effervescence have revealed their answer.

David Cameron will win the 2015 General Election to continue the just mission of taking Britain forward, not backwards.

The oracle cannot be judged for the decisions are already set in stone nothing can change it…not even the BBC.


  • Daniel

    ” transmogrified effervescence”

    I want what you guys are drinking.

  • xdr£

    F A K E !

  • donaldjenks

    This is an almost supernatural prediction. How did the Squib know the answer when everyone was rooting for Labour as ahead in the polls? The election happened on May 7 2015. This accurate prediction from the Daily Squib was written on 28th April???! Results were announced on May 8th, that’s 10 days before the reult.

  • Walker D.

    I am of the firm belief that it was this accurate prediction which changed the face of the election in May. It is the term ‘Carved in stone’ which caught Labour out because they immediately produced the Ed Stone after this article was published. That act in itself sealed their doom and I believe it will be generations until Labour are back in Britain. I do not know how you did it or knew what the result was but I think Labour will be in the wilderness for a v. long time.

    Whoever you are wherever you get your information from? You have an uncanny insight into the future.

    • Daniel

      Yeah and look at Labour now. Corbyn anyone?

  • Radko

    Thought you guys might like to see this. Apparently Mick Jagger’s a Squib reader and stole your prediction touting it to the MSM. LOL

  • Paul