Last Days: Obama’s Scorched Earth Policy

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Political insiders at Capitol Hill have revealed how Obama's scorched earth policy is being conducted in the final days of his presidency.


“The riots in Baltimore, Ferguson and wherever are indications that the final days, months of Obama’s dictatorial reign will end with a policy of burning bridges built over years by previous presidents.

“Successive administrations have dealt with America’s racial divides by either ignoring them or mending them, but Obama has been instrumental in stoking the flames of racial hatred and division.

“Just as in Iraq and the Middle East, Obama has undone any progress made with the Bush surge, which military commanders would tell you was the answer to continued insurgency gains.

“There are similarities to the British socialist party, Labour’s final disastrous ensemble, where Gordon Brown, the then leader of the party, adopted the same scorched earth policy. Brown knew he and his cronies were on the way out and spent every penny in the coffers, even going as far as to get Labour minister, Liam Byrne to leave a note in the Treasury, ‘Dear Chief Secretary, I’m sorry to tell you there is no money… kind regards and good luck’.

“Britain was left with a £2 Trillion deficit which is peanuts compared to what Obama is leaving the next U.S. administration, but it still illustrates the point.”