Labour: Corbyn Better Than Miliband or Brown

LONDON - England - Jeremy Corbyn is better than either Ed Miliband or the irascible Gordon Brown voters are saying.


“At least Jeremy Corbyn was voted in, that was not the case with Gordon Brown who shoehorned himself into the Labour leadership from Tony Blair without an internal election and was summarily voted out of office after his disastrous tenure as an unelected Prime Minister.

“Ed Miliband was a nightmare that never happened for British voters who thankfully saw through his fa├žade on election day. Can you imagine five years under Miliband, Britain would be hell on earth?” a voter said on Sunday.

Corbyn, although portrayed as a loon by the media is actually forthright in his actions and speech, he has the demeanour of a man who just doesn’t give a shit, and really he doesn’t.

There is support for Jeremy Corbyn, simply because of the sheer number of disaffected, marginalised people there are in Britain today.

Labour really has a fighting chance in 2020 under Corbyn, as he exudes an inner strength that is unmatched by any other Labour candidate or for the most part any Tory on the current roster.

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