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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Clacton: Ukip in Da House!!!

CLACTON - England - Political history was made last night when Britain's newest party on the block, Ukip smashed through the Tory and Labour defences to win a by-election and secure a place in parliament.

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Yo, yo, yo we got sum news for all y’all hip hop krews. Ukip in da house! All right the Houses of Parliament, innit. But what an amazing coup for the Ukip boyz.

“Everybody got their clackers out when the news hit Clacton that Ukip was in da house. Now they have a seat in parliament and soon they’ll get more. It’s certainly not a good omen for the Tories or Labour but that’s the way politics goes,” an excited Clacton voter revealed on Friday.

The polling revolution is beginning, and as Farage sups on another dead Tory, we come to the unbridled question of what will happen in the 2015 General Election?

“Vote Labour get EU socialist, vote Tory get EU socialist, vote Ukip get a party that wants to save Britain. What about the Lib Dems I hear you ask? Who? They simply don’t exist any more,” another excited voter revealed.

Ukip in da hizouse..yo,yo,yo!

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