Healthcare: Why Silencing Ebola Spread is Not Dangerous

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Is Ebola still around? If you read the newspapers, you wouldn't know it ever existed.

The silence on Ebola is deafening, and there may be a danger to this silence some might say, however health care officials think the virus is better out of sight, out of mind.

“The media have been told by agencies to hush any news about Ebola. You may have noticed a deafening silence, although the Ebola is still ravaging Western Africa and flights are still carrying infected people across the globe. It’s now a silent spread with zero reporting. Please do not worry about anything, because if the media does not mention this deadly virus, that means it is gone, vamoose, outta here,” Dr. Bill Edwards, a consultant for the U.S. Department of Infectious Diseases didn’t tell any news outlets yesterday.

Everything’s okay then, Ebola has been eradicated completely. Nothing to see here folks, move away.

  • Jim

    This policy of silence is a no brainer really. Why would you want ppl to know they’re in danger? Warning them would only create panic that’ sway here in the states obama has ordered all the media to shut up. They don’t want you to know and they’re not shutting flight down noooo plus here’s the clincher if someone comes over and is infected you won’t hear about it. This way the virus spreads real easy. If your not prepared now it’s all ready to late for you. Good luck.

    • sam

      idiot you need to smoke more drugs.