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New Film: ‘Planes, Trains and Ebola’ Box Office Hit

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood has had a dry spell as of late but the latest release coming up for Christmas of a famous remake called 'Planes, Trains and Ebola' will make the festivities really complete.

The latest film released by Fix studios is about two men trying to get to their relatives for Christmas.

They’re travelling from West Africa to Chicago, and they have to resort to going on trains, boats, helicopters, and planes to get to where they want to go. It’s a beautiful film and comedic. There’s also a tinge of sadness as they realise they have Ebola when they get to their relatives house for Christmas and everyone there gets infected as well. The last scene will not leave a dry eye in the house, everyone dies of Ebola, including the pet budgie called Mooch.

The Daily Squib watched the pre-release version and we all wanted to get Hazmat suits immediately.

Five stars, recommended for your Christmas viewing. Release date December.

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