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Chloe Madeley: Twitter Troll From Somewhere in South East Asia to Get Two Years Prison if Found

LONDON - England - Interpol, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Metropolitan police force are searching the whole of South East Asia today after it was discovered that a twitter troll from that area said some nasties to Chloe Madeley.


Dubbed Chloe’s Law, anyone who says anything nasty on twitter that a celebrity does not like can now be prosecuted and jailed for two years.

“Forget about Ebola, Isis, or World War III, we’re dispatching all our resources to comb the whole of South East Asia to find this twitter troll so they can spend some years in jail,” DCI Lenny Tattletale, for the Metropolitan police told the BBC.

Finding the twitter trolls is also now the first priority of David Cameron’s government, and the PM consulted a top secret COBRA task force to seek out the twitter troll who is residing somewhere in South East Asia, although the odious person could be moving around making the task even harder.

“It’s like trying to find a needle in a giant haystack. But this is really important, innit,” an NSA operative said on Sunday.

The cost of the whole operation will be in excess of £2.6 billion all paid for by the taxpayer no doubt.

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