Why Britain Deserves to Be Ruined by Ed Miliband

LONDON - England - Labour party leader, Ed Miliband is guaranteed a win in the 2015 general election, which will cause Britain to sink further into economic chaos, crime, deficit and rioting but that's only a symptom of a flawed electoral and political system, so nothing to worry about then eh?

Ed Miliband will win the next election and this will cause the ruination of Britain, but it’s not a bad thing to have pestilence and ruination visited upon you, if one wants to look at this fact, just gaze over the Channel to France where Hollande is wreaking havoc on the French, or how about the United States which has been reduced to a measly suppurating festering orifice by Obama — voted in twice by idiots and morons alike?

Your Vote is Meaningless

“Obama voters are the turds of the population, anyone who voted for him is an easily fooled ignorant sycophantic piece of detritus that needs to be euthanised with extreme prejudice. The same goes for the moribund robots who voted Hollande in, and when it comes to Miliband, only the worst of the worst will vote for him. There are certainly many of these people, if you would like to call them that, within the populations; it is their decisions to vote for obvious destructive megalomaniacs and to cause the destruction of nations from within that belies the futility of the faux reality created for them. To say that Miliband is a scourge, a disease, is putting it lightly, he is an affront to rational thought, a white head about to explode on the arse of the whore of Mendes, as for Cameron he is no better, in fact maybe even worse,” a Westminster commentator revealed on Wednesday last week.

Disaster and ruination are roles, if properly planned, can cause chaos, economic disaster and complete social breakdown.

These implants into the ‘leadership’ of nations are naturally well planned, manipulated and elections are generally well processed affairs.

“There is no such thing as a democracy, because the plebs may think they are voting for something when they are in fact voting for more of the same. Whether you vote Conservative, Labour or whatever, you will get the same government departments, the same policies from before, the same laws just on a different side of the same coin. Democracy is only a tool to stave off revolution, because when you have change, the plebs think they have something different, which is not the case in the least. All sides, at the highest levels know their roles, because they serve something higher than the plebs can see. The charade is played in every successive election, it does not matter one iota which element of the same wins an election, the masters always win,” another Westminster insider revealed.