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Think Tank: North Korean Crisis Utilised for Next Economic Crash

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The N. Korean nuclear crisis will possibly be used as a smokescreen to release the reins from the economy so that it can be allowed to crash.

“They [the U.S. Federal Reserve] have been artificially raising the Ponzi scheme economy and stock market for awhile now but as everyone knows, bubbles burst in the end, and N. Korea will be a perfect catalyst. Why do you think the U.S. got the U.N. to put extra sanctions on them, they’re baiting them so that they eventually crack?” Professor Karl Hoover, one of the expert policy researchers at the ‘Fiscal Union Centralized Kinetic Economic Department’ think tank revealed, Wednesday.

The research has come to the conclusion that Iran has played the game very well because they were also being baited by the USA but N.Korea shows all the symptoms of being a better candidate to provoke into attacking the West.

America needs another catalyst, this time for introduction of mass human Obamacare microchipping, digital only currency and the drastic redistribution of wealth.

“After the Dow Jones falls by 93% fast, there will be complete societal breakdown, Martial Law, and people who bought gold will not be able to sell it or do anything with it as they will have it either confiscated by the state, or worse still robbed and killed for it. If you have food stores, that will be the most valuable commodity available so you better be hidden with your food because if you are discovered by the roaming starving hordes they will rip you to pieces with their bare hands to get that food,” the professor added.

N. Korea’s insane reactions to America’s provocations are also mirrored with the ridiculous overreaction by the Americans sending half their fleet off to the Korean peninsula.

“We needed a bogeyman and we don’t care, N.Korea or Iran, we will use them to bring in more draconian controls on the population. This is war, beautiful Industrial Complex war, which was planned many years ago and means the death of America and introduction of the new one world global government,” a source from the Pentagon revealed.

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