New HBO Series ‘Obamacare Hospital’

LOS ANGELES - USA - People go into Obamacare Hospital and some don't come out again. The new hospital reality show is a big ratings hit in America.

“I used to have two kidneys,” Kincaid Lamarr, 34, a man who went for a routine in-grown toenail operation and came out with one less kidney via Obamacare.

Viewing figures have skyrocketed since the first series started in February and the new series is going to start April 15.

The ‘Obamacare Hospital’ series is sometimes harrowing with scenes that show the reality of socialised healthcare and how it can affect peoples’ lives.

Series one episode four shows the Obamacare Pathway where elderlies are killed off without the permission of their relatives by withholding food, medicine and water mirroring NHS techniques from Britain. Along with numerous sex changes and overcrowded hospitals, doctors are few and far between in Obamacare Hospital.

“You rarely get doctors in the show because they all left when it was introduced. As for medicine, forget about that, it’s too expensive to implement in any Hospital,” a nurse on one of the overcrowded wards says in the first episode.

Series two of the show will air on April 15 on HBO