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INSIGHT: Healthcare in the USA

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Brits may not believe this, but in the USA people have to pay for all of their health care, resulting in some losing their homes.

Ex Bottom of League NHS Surgeon Now Daily Squib Writer

LONDON - England - The new NHS league tables for NHS surgeons are now an automatic job recruiting tool for the world's finest (ahem) news source.

New HBO Series ‘Obamacare Hospital’

LOS ANGELES - USA - People go into Obamacare Hospital and some don't come out again. The new hospital reality show is a big ratings hit in America.

Obamacare Subtitle C-11 Section 2521

WASHINGTON DC - USA - A little known clause in the thousand page Obamacare document has been discovered by eagle eyed liberty watchers in America.

Obama Free Healthcare Begins

WASHINGTON - USA - Millions of Americans who were duped into thinking that they were going to get free health care after Obama paid off the senate, are now disappointed after it was revealed that the scheme will only come into force in 2015, and be limited to a small sub-section of the population.

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