Obama Free Healthcare Begins

WASHINGTON - USA - Millions of Americans who were duped into thinking that they were going to get free health care after Obama paid off the senate, are now disappointed after it was revealed that the scheme will only come into force in 2015, and be limited to a small sub-section of the population.

“I want my free health care now, where it at?” an Austin woman yells at the nurse as she is handed a bill for $56,000 after a minor hernia operation.

This is the reality of Obama’s so-called free health care, which officials say will only come into force after 2015. By that time, either Sarah Palin will be waving her gun around the White House or General Petraeus will have nuked half the Middle East. Besides, Obamacare practitioners are now saying that health care will not be free, it will have many, many strings attached to it.

Call centres across America have been inundated with people begging for ‘free health care’ after the landmark health care ruling a few weeks ago.

“Every few seconds we get thousands of calls through our switchboard asking for free health care. Some of the calls are from as far as Guatemala and Mexico, they keep saying they want to come over for that free health care,” Anna Ross, a Medicare worker told CBS.

Who wants that free health care?

The already bankrupted US economy is under great strain and now that half of South America has the idea in their heads that the US has got free health care, there is no stopping the deluge.

“We have enough poverty in the United States, where over half the population is below the poverty line and need urgent assistance, now we have the additional problem of 90% of Mexico wanting to cross our borders for free health care when there is none for our citizens. I just tell them to wait until 2015. That’s when you hear the shouting and cussing down the line,” Mrs Ross added.