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Brit-Hating Biden Dumps Pact With Britain and Ruins Trade Deal

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Brit-hating Joe Biden has dumped the way for an FTA with the UK and closed all doors for negotiations.

Everyone knows that Slow Joe Biden gets his orders from Barack Obama, who hates the British just as much as Joe does. During the Brexit referendum in 2016, Barack Obama threatened the UK by saying we would be thrown to the back of the queue for a trade deal as long as he was in charge if there was a Brexit. This was part of the ‘Project Fear’ nonsense, and he was not wrong with his threats. Now that Barack Obama is enjoying a proxy third term in office, utilising his puppet Biden, he is certainly keeping his word in shooting down the hated UK.

The Democrat party under Joe Biden is terribly biased against Britain and is doing everything in its power to punish the UK, not only for Brexit, but for its stance in Irish affairs hundreds of years ago. In fact, Biden hates Britain so much he says that a little bit of vomit from his mush diet comes up every time the UK is even mentioned.

The zombie president has thus pooped in his nappy and dumped plans for a pact with Britain that could have paved the way for a full post-Brexit trade deal.

Taking orders from Obama, Brit-hating Biden has decided not to move forward with a “foundational” agreement prepared by the US Trade Representative’s Office, which would have included negotiations over 11 areas of trade and regulation, following opposition from his party in the Senate.

Senate Democrats argued that the agreement would not have provided sufficient protection for American workers.

How’s that ‘Bidenomics’ going? Average food prices in U.S. cities have risen 20% since Biden took office, and the cost of living for many Americans is rising every week despite claims that inflation is dropping.

Of course, Beijing Biden has no qualms about trade deals with communist China, but when it comes to America’s mother country he treats us like shit on a shoe. Please do not mention any alleged dodgy deals the Biden’s personally profited from CCP run Chinese companies…shhh.

Instead of bolstering America’s transatlantic partnership with the UK, Biden is treating Britain like the enemy, and causing deep rifts in diplomatic circles.

Under the Biden administration, isolationism is also rife, where US interests and insular economic policies are a key priority.

Britain will have to wait for now until someone is in the White House who does not blatantly detest the UK. Hopefully, a new international era of trade with the USA will one day emerge when this miserable hateful corrupt shister either drops off or someone with some sense and honour comes into office.

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