Are Dung Beetles the Latest Celebrity Must-have Pet?

LOS ANGELES - USA - Dung beetles are the latest must-have celebrity pet amongst the rich and famous a new GQ article has revealed.

Celebrity Mathew Mcconaughey has a dung beetle forest in his bedroom where he likes to wile away the hours watching them rolling the balls of excrement around a specially designed environment.

Now Tom Cruise has found interest in dung beetles and even Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers band is fascinated by them.

“They’re great, they get that poo and roll it around the sand box all day long. It’s very cathartic to watch, when I get back from a hard days filming some action movie or whatever, I like to kick back, take off my shoes and watch those beetles go. It brings me joy and happiness,” Mathew Mcconaughey told GQ magazine.

Dung beetles are not for the regular pet owner though so please do your research before getting one. They take a lot of looking after and fresh supplies of dung everyday.

“If you don’t give it a fresh piece of dung then it kind of sits in the corner and looks at it. Like, they have to have fresh poo and certainly in my household I got a lot of that,” Tom Cruise said about his dung beetle, who he affectionately calls Katie.

Looks like pot bellied pigs are out this season and dung beetles are the new must-have celebrity pet.

George Clooney gave up his chihuahua for a bungle of dung beetles and says he’s even looking into getting some more so he can have a whole colony.