Obama: “What Are Your Guns Without Ammunition?”

WASHINGTON DC - USA - There is one thing Americans are slowly learning about the staunchly Marxist leaning president Obama, and that is he will have his way whatever it takes.

“Americans are finally realising that they are increasingly living under a dictatorship, because Obama knows no other way to rule. All his life he was mentored and tutored in Marxist ideology, in control techniques that the Soviets used, in repetition of the message that needs to be ingested by the masses. If Americans buy more guns, what are they going to shoot with, peas? The ammo has been suppressed and Americans will now find it increasingly hard to arm themselves. That’s not a problem for the DHS though. They have plenty of rounds of ammo. I wonder why that is? Is it getting through to you yet?” Bill Steads, 45, a pro-gun activist from Colorado who cannot get any ammunition for his guns told America Today magazine.

The Attorney General, Eric Holder, said himself that the administration needs to keep repeating the anti-gun mantra and brainwash people into giving away their freedom to bear arms.

Soviet techniques of repetition are utilised by the Obama administration, because if you repeat something enough times it becomes a truth in the eyes of the public. The Pavlovian techniques do seem to work on the pliant American public because they appear to be complying to Obama’s every whim.

“Even though Obama has effectively curtailed many pro-gun lobbies, and voices, some people are still buying guns in America. This anomaly has resulted in the supply of ammunition being reduced to a trickle so as to stop those people who see fit to still buy guns. People are being weaned from their guns and effectively disarmed by the lack of bullets to shoot their guns with. The Obama admin. has also brought in very strict laws deterring people from trying to buy guns with increased checks and red tape. If Obama makes owning a gun like sitting in quick sand, who the hell is going to own one?” a Capitol Hill insider revealed.

The scientific method of controlling the public in the USA seems to be working as the Obama administration brings in any laws curtailing gun ownership they want without question.

Americans are finally losing the will to fight for their guns. They are pliant and under control. It seems to be a dream-like state of collective consciousness where they have been effectively disarmed through clever Pavlovian techniques and subtle use of underhand integration of new laws. Unless some faction wakes up now and stops the brainwashing, the American public will be relinquished of their weapons in less than one generation without even a single shot being fired.

It is better to die free, then live as a slave.