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Taylor Swift Now Dating Kim Jong Un

PYONYANG - N. Korea - American singer Taylor Swift is now officially dating the North Korean dictator her record company has revealed to MTV.

Ms Swift flew out to the capital city of North Korea two days ago and was met at the airport by Kim Jong Un who took her to his palace in Pyonyang.

There are rumours on the internet that this could be a ploy to soften up the nuke crazed dictator and Swift could actually be a CIA agent.

“The Central Intelligence Agency knows what a great fan Kim is and I’m sure they’re monitoring his internet use. Taylor Swift is very well known in male circles around the world and she has been around the block like thirty or forty times, so sleeping with Kim Jong Un will be easy for her. Either she stops him nuking the world, or she’s going to write a great friggin’ song about her experience of how Kim is such a jerk,” Moshe Cohen, her manager told MTV.

On Sunday the hot temptress Swift and Kim were seen inspecting a dog meat processing factory on the outskirts of the capital city and accordiing to North Korean state television the dictator plans to show her around some missile silos later on this week.

“The world’s fate is in the hands of Taylor Swift, so she better be good with those slender fingers of hers,” a spokesman from the CIA told Reuters today.

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  1. How many bf's does this stupid girl go through? She's just in it for the power. Like she has a dumbass Korean ashole as a bf. Getta life loooser!!

  2. They look like a lovely couple good luck to them maybe we can have some peace in the world. Ahhhh wouldn't that be nice….?



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