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Experts: North Korea Attack is Not WW3

PYONGYANG - N. Korea - A military skirmish with North Korea should not be labelled as WW3.


With all the ridiculous headlines hailing the beginning of WW3 just because North Korea may be attacked in the not too distant future by America, let us analyse why these hysterical notions and labels are so overblown.

For a start, any war with North Korea would be over in less than a month. This is because of their ageing military equipment. The puny N.Korean air force still uses some ancient MIGs and an assortment of outdated Soviet planes. The U.S. would dominate North Korean airspace within days.

The N. Korean nuclear aspirations are not worthy of comment, simply because they do not have the ballistic rocket technology to hit any U.S. territory long distance.

A world war should actually mean a world war, where every nation would be embroiled some way or another. By fighting N.Korea, there is a small chance of escalation, however it is a certainty most NATO allies would choose to only concentrate on Kim Jung-un and his outdated tin pot army.

An attack on N. Korea certainly will not mean WW3, that is unless, Russia and China join the North Korean side, and although this may happen, strategically, the Chinese and Russians see N. Korea as much a nuisance as the U.S.

If the Americans defeat the North Korean regime, this will leave U.S. bases on the doorstep of China and Russia. Something like that will be a highly undesirable outcome but will be liveable for the two nations.

Naturally, in a war scenario, there are not only many variables to consider, but also events happen, plans do not always work out, and chaos ensues.

Helmuth von Moltke the Elder once said: No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.

Believe us in saying, you will know when the REAL WW3 starts when China and Russia join forces for the final fight. Every day is a march towards this final conflict, as every day the earth’s finite resources are depleted by the ever growing human population.

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