North Korean Air Force Readies Itself For Trump Showdown

PYONGYANG - N. Korea - The North Korean air force was on standby today as a U.S. battleship made its way towards the communist country.


“We will not bow down to American imperialist aggression and our amazing air force is on standby to shoot the Americans wherever we see them. They will not even get close to our shores and their tin pot ships will be sunk to the bottom of the ocean,” Ling Fuk Yu, the North Korean air force commander in chief told state news services on Tuesday.

The North Korean air force is a deadly opponent that should not be underestimated. With a fleet of three aircraft and a dozen home made flying contraptions that have a top speed of 16 mph, the U.S. will soon realise they have made a huge mistake.

Despotic communist leader, Kim Jong-un was on hand to inspect the air force later on in the day.

“We will crush the Americans. I see all of you young pilots ready for action in order to defend our nation of heroes. All twenty three of you are heroes. You will give your lives for your supreme leader and country. Now excuse me while I am driven to my bunker. Goodbye.”