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The Natural “high” – What is Your Drug of Choice?

LONDON - England - No – definitely not the kind of drugs you would see on shows such as “The Wire” or “Breaking Bad”. What those kinds of substances do is basically forcing our body to produce something which they’re already perfectly capable of doing on their own.

It all boils down to pleasure. Being one of our largest motivators throughout all mankind our bodies have various ways of providing us with this sensation, such as producing endorphins.

You might have heard someone describe how something felt like “such a rush”. Maybe you heard a story about someone who broke a bone and didn’t realize until hours afterwards. In either case, it’s safe to say endorphins were involved.. Often referred to the brains “pleasure chemical”, endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland in moments of excitement, but also during moments of pain or anxiety and at times of remarkable mental or physical stress. It is what turns our excitement into pleasure, relieves our pain and pushes our bodies beyond its capabilities when necessary.

A common way of recreating this process naturally is Extreme Sports. It may be activities such as Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Mountain Climbing or Cliff Diving. There are numerous ways “deceive” our brain into thinking we are in remarkable danger, lethal even. When our brain perceives that are under remarkable stress and danger it’ll go into overdrive producing not only endorphins, but also other hormones, dopamine and beta-endorphins.

Our pulse starts racing as the heart beats faster, getting blood into both our brain and muscles much quicker than usual. As our reaction quickens, time slows down. We’re able to perceive our surroundings with senses heightened far above normal level. Maybe now you’ll understand why some people enjoy throwing themselves out of airplanes!

Working somewhat similar to how extreme sports triggers these effects would be Exercise, exerting ourselves beyond our limits triggers very similar responses. It may be through lifting heavy weights or simply running, our bodies have a lot of tricks to surpass our current abilities!

But there are ways of making our bodies produce these substances without throwing yourself from a cliff with nothing but a rope or climbing Everest. Should you feel like something more in-doors then fear not, there are various activities for that too. Your drug may be music, reading, spending time with loved ones or why not try your hand at a Live Casino? As studies have shown, the amount of endorphins these activities release can be enormous.

So, what is your drug of choice? Leave a comment below and see what other readers do for their kicks.

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