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Emboldened Iran: “Thank You Joe Biden”

TEHRAN - Iran - An emboldened Iran sees the Americans now as a laughingstock, and thank Joe Biden for everything.

The new emboldened Iran has never had it so good thanks to Sleepy Joe and his handler, Obama. These two idiots have fallen over backwards to appease the cunning Iranian regime by giving them $6 billion and by putting Israel on the back burner. It is no secret that Biden hates the British and has treated America’s best ally disgracefully, but the same can be said for his treatment of Israel, who are a nation surrounded by enemies who literally want to wipe them off the face of the earth.

Well, Sleepy Joe and the equally Sleepy Obama finally woke up a little last week when the Islamist terrorist group Hamas carried out some well-planned massacres of Israelis, all at the behest of Iran and Russia.

The only reaction Biden could muster was to send a U.S. Navy ship near the conflict zone, which is a pitiful reaction considering the seriousness of the matter.

Meanwhile, Putin and the Iranians are sniggering into their cups of Polonium, running rings around the Biden administration like seasoned chess masters. As for the Chinese, they are watching all of this with eagle eyes, and that little devil on Xi Jinping’s shoulder is shouting loudly into his ear, “Do it! Do it! Taiwan! Do it!”.

Putin, is most certainly playing the long game as war fatigue is creeping into the support of Ukraine as many NATO countries are now balking at the thought of sending billions more dollars into the Ukrainian meat grinder. Putin is okay with meat grinders, he is happy to send thousands of untrained unequipped young and old men to their deaths to buy more time. There is an almost endless supply of cannon fodder to throw at the Ukrainian machine guns.

How is Obama finding his third term in office? Probably not an enjoyable affair as he has to relay his orders through a guy who just looks so tired and used up, he can barely string a coherent sentence together. Maybe after the Democrats win the next election when the postal votes come in, Obama will have his fourth term in office, he will have to work even harder because Joe will have deteriorated even further.

The West needs a strong leader now more than ever, not these fucking weak losers like Joe Biden, Obama and Sunak. They are a laughingstock, pathetic and weak with no fucking balls or a single decent idea between them. Under President Trump none of this shit would be happening plus we would all have a good economy with no inflation.

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