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God: “Slow it Down a Bit Will You – Running Out...

HEAVEN - The Clouds - God is getting a little concerned with the rate of souls being presented to him, and wants the curve flattened to give more cloud space.

#MeToo Bible Experts: Mary Was Impregnated By God Without Her Will...

BETHLEHEM - Palestine - Bible experts who adhere to #MeToo are saying that God had sex with Mary without her consent and raped her to birth Jesus.

God Kind of Bored of Humans

RUNCORN - England - Apparently God is kind of bored of humans he has told the BBC.

God: "I Can’t Be Sure Richard Dawkins Does Not Exist"

OXFORD - England - He is regarded as the most famous entity in the universe but last night God admitted he could not be sure that Professor Richard Dawkins does not exist.

God Does Not Believe in Richard Dawkins

GENEVA - Switzerland - According to scientists working at the CERN institute, God does not believe in popular scientist and atheist, Richard Dawkins.

Bush Restrained after Talking to God on Flight to Heathrow

WASHINGTON DC - USA - George W Bush on a Heathrow-bound presidential flight had to be dragged from his presidential chair and handcuffed after suffering an apparent mental breakdown in mid-air, it emerged yesterday.

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