God Does Not Believe in Richard Dawkins

GENEVA - Switzerland - According to scientists working at the CERN institute, God does not believe in popular scientist and atheist, Richard Dawkins.

“God has informed us that he doesn’t believe in Richard Dawkins, and he actually doesn’t like him much either,” Rupert Spendleswick, curator for the scientific research centre at CERN told the New Scientist magazine yesterday after having isolated the much vaunted ‘God Particle’.

The Higgs Boson apparently manifested in the Large Hadron Collider yesterday evening at 3.52 pm CET.

“There was this big bang, then a puff of yellow smoke. We then smelled some burning. At first we thought we’d burned out another circuit but when we looked at the screen we saw the incredible words: “DAWKINS IS A DICK. LOVE GOD”

Richard Dawkins, who was at a book signing session in London said: “I’ve heard that God doesn’t like me much. Well, you can tell him that I’ve just written another book saying he doesn’t exist. What the f*ck are my publishers going to say? As far as I’m concerned God’s dead to me and my bloody accountants.”