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Celebrity Pope Urges Britons to Beware of ‘Celebrity Culture’

LONDON - England - Thousands of fans turned out yesterday to catch a glimpse of the Pope as he paraded through Picadilly Circus with an entourage of 185 vehicles and hundreds of security guards, his purpose, to warn the crowds about the dangers of seeking celebrity culture.

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The crowd of 145,000 people greeted the Pontiff with songs and gifts and listened intently as he invited them to “cast away celebrity culture”.

He said: “You must reject celebrity culture. True happiness is found in God. Oh my gosh, have I won X Factor? Am I the next SuBo?”

Escorted by hundreds of police outriders, security vehicles, four helicopters, an armoured car and a team of surveillance agents he had arrived at Trafalgar Square in London, in a 185-vehicle convoy – revelling in his super celebrity status.

The whole of London had been cordoned off for the celebrity Pope’s outing, resulting in massive traffic disruption across the city with all airports  locked down.

The celebrity Pope, later on did a lap of honour around the route in his Popemobile, before speeding off with his whole entourage to his next celebrity Pope function in Birmingham opening a Tesco superstore.

The Pope will be releasing a new DVD box set of his tour and a new book to commemorate the trip.

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