God Kind of Bored of Humans

RUNCORN - England - Apparently God is kind of bored of humans he has told the BBC.


“You know, I get up every morning and I hear these same words every day: ‘Oh God, please help me,’ ‘Oh God, this, oh God that’. It just bores me now, I mean I created all of this and I look down and see these people moaning all the time, and look what they did to my back garden? I’m sorry folks but this is not how it was meant to be. These people praying to me every day, it’s so boring, get a life will you, look around some times, do something else for God’s sake.”

No one knows God’s plans but he seems to be getting itchy feet and may move on to better pastures.

Religious leaders also have the same fear that God may move on to another galaxy far far away or maybe retire.

“I hope he doesn’t get bored of all of us. We pray to him every minute of the day and that’s all we do. Surely that’s not boring is it, praying every second of the day and calling out for God?” some preacher from some church said after hearing the news report.