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Where Did Decades of Foreign Aid Billions to Palestinians Go?

GAZA - In 75 years, Palestinians have received billions in foreign aid and could have built up their cities.

For 75 years the Palestinians have received billions of dollars of foreign aid, and instead of using that money to build up amazing cities, infrastructure, utilities, skyscrapers and roads, they have squandered everything to stay in squalid conditions constantly moaning about their loss of land and their desire to commit genocide on Jews. Was this victim attitude worth it?

The Palestinians, have received about $37.2 billion in development aid (in constant dollars) between 1994 and 2017, according to the OECD. The Palestinians have been receiving $1.7 billion a year from international donors for 75 years, and in 2017 foreign aid equalled $451 per capita for the Palestinians.

Where did all the foreign aid billions go?

“Nobody knows. That is a simple fact. Gaza and the West Bank is still a dusty broken crumbling place with high unemployment, no prospects and no basic amenities. Someone, somewhere, should possibly ask questions about where the foreign aid money went, but I doubt it will ever happen,” one concerned citizen asked.

Instead, the tyranny and dictatorship of a terrorist group like Hamas is a profound curse upon the Palestinian people. Hamas has brought only ruin, terror and death to the Palestinian people, using foreign aid meant for development to create tin-pot rocket factories that are shot into Israeli airspace where they are routinely shot down by Iron Dome defences. Hamas is also using the Palestinian people as human shields, cannon fodder to hide behind. The cowardly Hamas terrorist group are nothing more than a parasite on the back of the Palestinian people, sucking out their blood and every cent from foreign aid.

The Palestinians could have built up a real administrative government, a functioning public transport system, airports, economy, and a real military force with an air force as a form of defence. Instead, they squandered every dollar on whining, moaning and vindictive revenge rockets.

Maybe one day the Palestinians will stop their collective moaning delving in past defeats and actually build up their enclaves properly. If they had done that for 75 years instead of being paralysed by remorse and vowing revenge, they would have had incredible cities, vibrant economies and at least some kind of future.

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