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Four Captured Israeli Female Soldiers Paraded By Hamas! Should Women be Put in Frontline?

GAZA - Somewhere in the Palestinian enclave lies four captured Israeli female soldiers detained by Hamas in October.

It is truly a sickening sight to see these four captured Israeli female soldiers being paraded by Hamas on social networks. The worst part of the video is the contrast of the girls dancing around in their soldier uniforms prior to being captured by Hamas, then detained in Gaza for three months.

Israel is invariably in a dire situation and the IDF calls up men and women, however is it right for vulnerable women to be put in the frontlines of the fight? Maybe, it is time the IDF reconsidered their stance, and kept women in the rear, because events like this capture of four female soldiers will not be good for moral. The captured Israeli female soldiers are proof that women are unsuitable for frontline combat duties in military operations.

Liri Albag, 18, from Moshav Yarhiv; Karina Ariev, 19, from Jerusalem; Daniella Gilboa, 19, from Petah Tikva; and Agam Berger, 19, from Holon, were shown in a Hamas propaganda video after they were abducted on October 7.

Please give a thought for the plight of these four young women who are now prisoners of a cruel terrorist organisation Hamas, and who have been in captivation for more than three months. Surely something can be done to free them?

Women should not be put into combat and pose a great risk not only to themselves but other units around them. Even in dire desperation, to put these young females in the line of fire seems insane, because it is inevitable they will become casualties of war.

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