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Beverly Hills Ceremony: Prince Harry Named ‘Living Legend of Aviation’

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Duke will be recognised for being a Living Legend of Aviation for his almost daily use of private jets to travel everywhere.

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The Duke of Sussex is to be inducted into the Living Legend of Aviation for his contribution to global warming and climate change with his overuse of private jets to go everywhere.

Harry will be inducted next Friday at an awards ceremony hosted by Scientologist and aviation ambassador John Travolta in Beverly Hills, California.

The event was set up to honour those who make significant contributions to aviation and aerospace.

The Duke, 39, flies practically everywhere in private jets, usually with his wife Meghan. The ceremony will even enact a private jet journey of a mere 20 miles costing over $450,000 contributing over 250 tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

“It was a shopping trip to Beverly Center to buy some organic ethically sourced tea leaves shipped over from the Himalayas, and we bought a tea towel as well,” the prince quipped recently, proud of his actions.

Living Legend of Aviation

Since hooking up with Meghan Markle, the private jet trips have accelerated to at least three or four trips per week. It is estimated that the Duke has contributed to carbon emissions equalling that of five African nations’ yearly output. During his tour of Afghanistan, Harry flew for only 20 weeks. Therefore, a ‘Living Legends of Aviation award’ would be a ridiculous thing to give him, so this is why they gave him an award for private jet flights taken instead.

Harry will take his place alongside other aviation and aerospace “legends” including Buzz Aldrin, Jeff Bozos, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Elon Musk and Saudi Prince Sultan bin Salman Al Saud.

Other aerospace icons set to be inducted alongside Harry this year include US navy pilot Fred George and former world speed record holder Steve Hinton.

A statement on the event’s website said: “Prince Harry is a consummate environmentalist whose overuse of private jets has contributed heavily to global pollution, climate change and environmental misery.

“He has dedicated his life to nothing but his own wellbeing, pleasure and private jet trips.”

Surely, not all Americans are this fucking dumb?

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