Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have revealed how they plan to reduce their carbon emission global footprint by flying to each destination in a private jet.

“We will be flying to every city in the world in our private jet to bring awareness of carbon emissions, and global warming. We also plan on only having two children, which in real terms is equivalent to a normal person’s global footprint of twenty children, seeing as the amount of global travel and amount we spend on each child is, even though it’s all from the taxpayer anyway,” Meghan Markle revealed whilst being interviewed for her latest Vogue article.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently flew into Google’s A-List celebrity carbon emission awareness summer camp where the private jets expended more pollution and emissions than millions of people would in a whole lifetime.

“It has been a thrill to be invited to talk about global pollution levels created by humans when we all flew in to this Sicilian Google camp where like-minded celebrities who do not actually care about the environment or ordinary people attended. In reality, we only care about ourselves, and our elite lifestyles. The rest of the Untermensch do not matter,” Prince Harry revealed, as he was chosen to speak at the event.

The delightful Google event is a truly amazing sight to behold, with rows and rows of private jets all lined up and the celebrity billionaire champagne socialist hypocrites all exiting their jets with big smiles on their faces.

Harry and Meghan will speak at the event about their sacrifices to reduce carbon emissions, before flying off to a dozen more locations on their global tour bringing awareness to ordinary people about the perils of carbon emissions.