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UN Needs to Create Manned Buffer Zone in Gaza

GAZA - After terrorist group Hamas is eradicated from the region, the UN should build a large buffer zone between Israel and the Palestinian enclave.

After Hamas are removed from Gaza, hopefully the UN should consider creating a manned buffer zone between Northern Gaza and Israeli territory. The UN will also have to deal with the mass movement of Palestinians who have been displaced by Israeli military action in retaliation for the October attacks.

In essence, Gaza is now borrowed land and will eventually disappear over the next few decades because of the actions of terrorist group Hamas.

The constant media attention to the plight of the civilians in Gaza is a sign that Palestinian propaganda is working to undermine the efforts to eradicate the terrorist group Hamas.

There needs to be genuine assistance from the global community for further displaced Palestinian people, but foreign aid must be heavily policed and Hamas must not be allowed to further siphon off aid money and goods. In this respect, billions of dollars of foreign aid should not be allowed into the hands of Hamas, who are a corrupt terrorist group who are using the Palestinian civilians as human shields and hiding behind them.

The constant grief-porn images emanating from certain media sources is a tool that only helps Hamas and the terrorists, as well as fuel Western communist activists who have hijacked the Palestinian cause for their own agenda and capitalise on human grief for their own ends.

Gaza is a foreign aid black hole where money disappears without any trace, and in the future some sort of assurance must be made that aid money actually benefits the Palestinian people and is not stolen by corrupt officials and terrorist groups.

By building a solid buffer zone between Gaza and Israel would ensure that terror groups like Hamas would not be able to constantly send their rockets into Israel and protect civilians on both sides.

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