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Why It is Trendy to be an Extremist in Modern Britain Today

LONDON - England - Modern Britain is now full of people who support extremist Jihadist causes that call for the destruction of all Jewish people from earth.

Anti-Semites – Islamist extremists and the far-Left have never had it so good, they are even applauded by the police force when spitting on Jews and the Cenotaph in Whitehall. If you support extremism in modern Britain today, you are in the majority, as the tiny island is full to the brim with fucking extremist nutjobs. It is now considered trendy to attend anti-Semitic marches supporting the proposed ‘Free Palestine’ genocide of millions of Jews.

Extremist Jihadism now Normalised

“Extremism in Britain has been normalised and is portrayed on TV channels like the BBC as a totally acceptable way of defining yourself in modern Britain. To desecrate the Cenotaph, which used to be a monument to honour the fallen soldiers of World War I and II, is now seen as normal practice by many who spray paint their garish graffiti on to it, spit and urinate on it, all while the police stand back and watch counting their overtime bonuses,” an observer of the sordid debacle revealed on Thursday.

Hamas holds military parade to remember Israel's 2014 offensive.
Genocidal terrorist group who vowed to wipe every Jew off the face of the earth, Hamas holds military parade.

The far-left who hijack many movements like the eco zealot movement are now effectively riding the wave of anti-Semitism and Islamic extremism by supporting Hamas and the Free Palestine rabble, simply because it is a vehicle (bandwagon) for creating more chaos.

Left-wing Jihad Bandwagon

“I am a homosexual LGBQTP anti-capitalist Marxist unbeliever, but I am here on this march because this is what we do. I do not believe in Allah or Muhammed and if I was in Gaza, the Hamas terrorists would have me beheaded for being an infidel dog. I don’t particularly care for the plight of the Palestinian people, to me, they do not mean anything, however I do hate the Jews, so this is where I fit in. I also like protesting for the hell of it, making as much noise as possible and maybe urinating on the Cenotaph before instigating a full-on riot,” a communist supporter of Hamas revealed yesterday.

With a pussified Rishi Sunak socialist Tory government which simpers around not choosing to even ban Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps or vote against a call for a ceasefire at the UN or tell the police to do their job, there is little or no impetus to fight the tirade of antisemitism or extremism sweeping Britain.

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  1. Wot is this Hamas are not terrorists as you write he re in lies. Hamas fight for freedom of the Palestinian ppl from occupation and apartide from Israeli zoinists. October 7 was insider job by Mossad they killed there own ppl to creat attack on Gaza. Israel is the one doing killing not Hamas.

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