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Interview With Islington Set Who Think it is Trendy to Support Hamas

LONDON - England - One of our reporters interviewed a member of the trendy Islington set who supports Hamas and all of their actions.

The trendy Islington set, and other Labour Party supporting groups, have adopted the violent, evil terrorist group Hamas as their heroes. It is now considered trendy to support and demonstrate in support of the brutally violent Jihadist group backed by Iran, who think nothing of beheading Jewish babies in their cots. The horror of civilians in Gaza being bombed is also a terrible sight, however these poor people are being used as human shields by Hamas who also indoctrinate the Palestinian youth from a young age to support Jihadism and atrocities committed against Israeli Jews. Nothing, however, should justify the horrific savage acts committed by Hamas on Israeli civilians.

We interviewed Julia, 35, an art gallery manager and Labour Party activist from Islington, North London and asked her why she supported the terrorist group, Hamas.

Daily Squib: Hello, and thank you for agreeing to the interview.

Julia: Hello, I just got back from my weekly Waitrose shop, damn it, I forgot to buy tofu, we’re having a dinner party later on.

DS: Nice, can you tell me why you outwardly support a violent terrorist group like Hamas?

J: Well, it’s not just me, Jeremy Corbyn does and all my trendy friends do too, so I do, otherwise I won’t be invited to all the parties or functions or the protests where all my friends go.

DS: Hamas are a violent terrorist group backed by Iran who behead little babies in their cots and shoot women and children indiscriminately in cold blood just because they are Jews. Do you realise who you are supporting?

J: Yesterday I bought these wonderful shoes from a Parisian designer, can’t remember the name, but they are very stylish and à la mode. I plan to wear them during the next Palestine demo in Trafalgar Square on Sunday. Free Palestine!

DS: The Palestinians have been given literally billions of dollars in foreign aid over 75 years. Why did that money not go to build up their cities, hospitals, schools, roads, public services, libraries, parks, water, gas, electricity and a solid government with a defence force, an air force, a navy? They had 75 years to build up vast cities like Doha, Qatar, but instead squandered that money on moping about lost land and begging for money. What are your thoughts on that?

J: Oh, that is silly. Israel should not exist because they took Palestinian lands and built apartheid walls around their areas. Palestinians are persecuted every day.

DS: Everyone has a right to exist, and that piece of land has changed hands many times over thousands of years. We have the Kingdom of Israel 950 BCE, Kingdom of Judah, then the Assyrians took over, then the Babylonians and later Neo-Persians, then Alexander the Great, then the Romans in 63 BCE, then the transition into the Byzantine Empire, the siege of Jerusalem by the Crusaders, then the Caliphate took over, then in 1516 the Ottoman Empire conquered the entire region until the British took over and granted the land to the Israelites who for centuries vowed to return to their homeland Zion after centuries of persecution, defeat and the pogroms in Europe in the early 20th century. What I am trying to say here is that the Jews chose that patch of land thousands of years ago, and throughout that time it has been through many hands. To say the Palestinians own that land is not accurate, because the entire area is a land conquered and lost by many throughout history, but the Jewish people have been the ones always there despite being occupied or exiled or imprisoned. The Palestinians have also inhabited the land, but they never bothered to form any form of state and never organised themselves. The Palestinians are the losers of history, they just do not have the ability to become winners, and unfortunately history and conquest exist in this world. This is a rather simplistic take on the entire affair, but it is a basic illustration of the complexity of the entire situation and how numerous civilisations over time conquered that piece of land. As for building apartheid walls, they are there to protect Israel because the Palestinians want every Jew wiped off the face of the earth. How can you negotiate with people who want you and your entire race to be erased from existence?

J: I did not know any of that. I am sorry, I just follow the trend and fashion of the moment, and now it is fashionable amongst my left-wing media friends and BBC pals to be anti-Israeli and support Hamas.

DS: So you are saying you know nothing of the situation but are just following your shallow trendy luvvie media pals? You are a virtue signalling idiot looking for a trendy cause to wave a flag with your trendy friends despite knowing nothing about the severity of enabling terrorists like Hamas, who would in a moment take you as hostage in Gaza, rape you, torture you then behead you live on TikTok.

J: Well, I would not quite put it that way. I am feeling rather uncomfortable, I have a pedicure appointment at 2:30. I want to terminate this interview, I don’t like your tone.

DS: You don’t like my tone? Do you think the Jewish babies who were beheaded liked the tone of the Hamas savages who cut their heads off in their own cots? How can you justify and support Hamas after that?

J: Right, that’s it! Goodbye, and you are not invited to my friend’s media Christmas party at the Pope’s Head pub anymore. Steve Coogan and his luvvie friends will all be there. You just missed out. Hamas are not terrorists, they are decent loving people.

DS: (breathing a sigh of relief) I would rather be paraded through the streets of London and whipped with a cat-o-nine tails than ever go to one of your brown-nosing coked up luvvie leftie parties where you narcissistic shallow plastic morons all pat each other on the back constantly and talk useless coked up shit all night long.

J: That is outrageous. Please go away now.

DS: You are in our office.

J: Oh, I am leaving right now, you disgusting person.

DS: Don’t forget to look at yourself in the mirror on your way out. Goodbye.


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