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Why Hamas is Not Releasing Israeli Hostages

GAZA - The Hamas terrorist group are not releasing Israeli hostages for a very good reason.

Hamas could alleviate the suffering of their Palestinian human-shield pawns very quickly by releasing the Israeli hostages they took, but they are refusing to do this for a very good reason.

Not Releasing Israeli Hostages

The more that Israel bombs Gaza and makes their hospitals inoperable, the more the suffering and cries of the Palestinian people still in Gaza are utilised for propaganda purposes to create more hatred against Israel. This is what Hamas wants, more rage and hatred.

According to intelligence, Hamas has built a network of tunnels, storage units and arms factories under hospitals in Gaza hiding behind the status of hospitals as protected zones. The main hospital Al Shifa in Gaza is one of these protected zones, which are being attacked by Israel as an attempt to eradicate Hamas.


One of the assumed roles of the Palestinian people suffering live on TV in propaganda terms would be to incite other Arab states to act against Israel, however apart from a few rockets from Hezbollah on Northern Israel there have not been any other murmurs from other Arab states who are standing steadfast on the sidelines. The possible consensus is that the cost of action against nuclear state Israel would be too great.


In this respect, it is in Hamas’s interests to not release the Israeli hostages so that the public suffering of the Palestinian people is halted. Hamas not only uses the Palestinian peasants as cannon fodder, but as a major propaganda weapon to turn favour against Israel. They want a regional war in the Middle East, they want escalation.

Naturally, the antisemitic anti-Israeli press never mentions Hamas once as the cause of this fucking poverty-porn shit festival and clusterfuck in Gaza — including the mass protests by left-wing sympathisers with Hamas and the Palestinian people in Western cities.

At the moment, the propaganda war is being won by the Hamas terrorists who are harnessing the Western press to win hearts and minds and the Israelis are losing the propaganda war. Whether there will be a change of heart in the future is now a small percentage.

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