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Hamas Terror Leaders Gay Orgies in Qatar Luxury hotel

DOHA - Qatar - High ranking Hamas terror leaders had gay orgies in luxury hotel suites it has been revealed.

The billionaire Hamas terror leaders held many gay orgies in a Qatar luxury hotel, according to sources in the hotel industry.

While the poor misled people of Gaza are suffering terribly because the Hamas terrorists decided to commit genocidal atrocities on Israel, the billionaire Hamas hierarchy have been conducting gay orgies in specially hired hotel suites in Qatar.


“Sometimes they take up a donkey smuggled in through the staff elevator. We do not ask questions because we fear for our lives. We do not hear the awful noises that emanate from the rooms. The donkey is frightened, and when it comes back it cannot walk very well,” a hotel worker revealed of the Hamas orgies.

After siphoning off billions of foreign aid that was destined to help the people of Gaza, the Hamas leadership are all living the Life of Riley off the backs of the poor people of Gaza used as human shields for Israeli missiles and to gain global sympathy in the anti-Israeli media.

“The scumbag Hamas leadership are all now worth billions thanks to foreign aid meant for the poor exploited people of Gaza. They do not care one bit for the cannon fodder Palestinians in Gaza, they fly private jets everywhere, luxury hotels and plenty of young boys and donkeys,” another hotel worker revealed.

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