Why the Sudden Mood Change in Gaza?

GAZA - There were mass celebrations when the terrorist group Hamas slaughtered over 1,000 unarmed Jewish citizens, but now there has been a sudden mood change.

gaza celebrations sudden mood change
Celebrations in the streets of Gaza after the massacre of unarmed Israeli citizens

There has been a sudden mood change in Gaza that is perplexing many people. One minute the people were cheering in the streets and celebrating on October 7th, but now they have again reverted to their usual victim script for the cameras on Al Jazeera.

“This is terrible our homes where Hamas terrorists hide and shoot rockets to Israel are being bombed to shit, of course we have changed our mood,” a distraught man from Gaza revealed.

The jubilant phone calls from Hamas terrorists to their parents were also recorded and used as evidence at the UN Security Council. On one phone recording, a Hamas Jihadist calls his parents to brag about murdering 10 unarmed Jewish civilians, including babies, with his own hands. The parents of the Jihadist can be heard whooping with joy and crying in ecstasy at the news.

Hamas are masters of cowardice hiding not only behind Palestinian women and children, but kidnapping Jewish babies and parading them on social media sites like TikTok, cheered on by the same Palestinian population who are used by Hamas as human shields. Either there are many stupid people in Gaza and the West Bank, or they are gluttons for punishment.


Going back to 7/10, the jubilant cries of utter joy and tribulation at the cold-blooded barbaric murders of women and children in Israel are being replaced by constant loops of wailing women and children on the other side being relayed on biased news outlets like Al Jazeera. Who wins here in this eternal cycle of violence in the region?


Where is your cheering now, why the sudden mood change?

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