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Enemies of Western Civilisation: Leftists As Bad As Hamas

LONDON - England - The enemies of western civilisation leftists and terrorist sympathisers enable the savage acts of Hamas.

We have seen the mass marches of leftist woke Hamas sympathisers who enable grotesque atrocities going through Western cities. In London, these people desecrated the Cenotaph, a memorial to those who gave their lives in the first and second world wars. Are the leftists supporters of our Western democracy? The answer is an emphatic no, because these people hate everything about the West, they hate our democracy and they hate our civilisation. We are living with the enemies of Western civilisation. In this respect, the leftists who support the Jihadist Hamas savages and monsters should be treated with pure disdain and run from the streets, they should be shamed for their support of terrorist groups like Hamas, they should all be arrested as threats to Western civilisation and democratic values, they should be named and shamed, forever stricken from the record.

The Enemies of Western Civilisation

If the Western liberal governments do not wake up at some point, these same leftist/woke/Marxist/Communist threat will eat everything up from the inside and completely eviscerate every part of Western culture. The ‘Free Palestine’ slogan effectively means that every Jew in Israel has to be murdered in genocide and Israel wiped off the face of the earth. This is what that slogan means, and the people chanting it are effectively advocating the murder of millions of people, just as much as the Iranians want this act to occur.

Why were there NO protests when millions of Arabs were being killed in Syria, Libya and Yemen? Simply because of double standards, where the virtue signalling antisemites only protest when Israel defends itself. These people protesting do not give two flying sideways fucks about Arabs or Muslims in general, unless it is the Jews defending their own country. The protestors are a bunch of virtue signalling communist woke antisemites, and the proof is right there on the reasons why they protest.

If Israel had been attacked by Hamas and did not retaliate, then these same protestors would have stayed at home, and there would be less anti-Israeli protests by the woke hypocrites, virtue signallers and Jihadists. Where Israel may have erred is in their too fast response, it may have been too hasty because as the evidence of the atrocities fed through there was no time to capitalise on public opinion in the West. Of course, the factoring in of Israeli hostages changed the situation and haste was required, although negotiation with a terrorist group as brutal and savage as Hamas is invariably futile. Even beasts do not stoop to the levels of depravity of Hamas, who have also effectively hijacked the Islamic religion to use for their needs.

Consequently, the Israelis need to learn from this episode as well. They should not treat the Palestinians in such a manner that creates a terrible, bubbling hatred towards Jews. Yes, the indoctrinated Palestinians want Israel and Jews wiped off the face of the earth, but why fall into the trap of creating ghettos and treating the Palestinians as the Nazis treated the Jews, although in essence, Israel is just defending itself from constant attack? It is a very sad part of abuse over centuries that eventually the persecuted becomes the persecutor, but that is a natural human response and part of nature that Israelis will have to work through themselves. How much hatred does it take for a Hamas terrorist to murder a baby by putting it into an oven, then turning the oven on and watch with glee as the baby is roasted alive? This is what Hamas did, and this is what is condoned by the anti-Israeli protestors in the streets of New York, London, Paris, all over the world. Within these parameters, Israel must stand above all of these variables and take the moral high ground. Leave these Palestinians alone as much as possible, even if they throw stones, for they are sick with bitterness and the desire for vengeance for a lost land that they never really owned anyway and has changed hands more than 200 times over the centuries.

The Western Enemy Within

There is no halfway house on this matter, it is not grey, it is black and white. This is an existential threat to Western civilisation, and if the respective governments do not act in a timely manner to eradicate this threat there will be blood and chaos on the streets, the terrorists would have won, and the people who fought for our freedom in world war one and two would have died for nothing, as our freedoms will have been completely destroyed from within. Permissive Western culture has allowed communists to flourish, to inhabit our media, our education systems, and every facet of life. These people want to take down the West, to deconstruct and destroy it, and they are very successful in what they are doing right now. Call them leftists, woke, Marxists, communists, they are now everywhere, they have infiltrated every part of government, every part of the education system, every part of the media, and every part of the military. If the West is to survive, these elements need to be rooted out and stopped from doing what they are doing.

On Remembrance Sunday, the leftists and Jihadists will march in their millions, and they will desecrate the Cenotaph for a second time. Will no one stand up to these savages? Will people just shrug their shoulders and put the kettle on? Do you not value your freedoms, or one fucking ounce of Western civilisation and democracy? It seems not…

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